Sectors & Functions

At Robert Cavendish our team covers the following sectors...



Retail Banking

This includes clients with a provision of savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards and credit cards.




We cover life, pensions and investment insurance, as well as vehicle, health and travel insurance.



Asset, Wealth & Investment Management,

We work with product vendors, customised traders and planner/coaches.




These include cryptocurrency and digital cash, blockchain technology, open banking, smart contracts, insurtech and cybersecurity.



Consumer Credit

These include non-instalment credits, instalment closed-end credit, and revolving open-end credit. 



Private Equity

These include venture capital, real estates, growth capital, mezzanine financing and leveraged buyouts. 

We place Interim Managers to cover a variety of roles and complex projects, across a range of business areas...

Image Board & General Management


We have placed interim C-Suite professionals and Non-Executive Directors across corporate services functions.

Image Finance & Treasury


We have placed interim Chief Financial Officers, Financial Directors, Financial Controllers, Treasurers and Heads of Liquidity.

Image Operations & Change Management


We have placed interim Chief Operating Officers, Operations Directors, Heads of Business Change, Business Transformation Directors, Programme Directors, and Heads of PMO

Image Risk Management & Compliance


We have placed interim Chief Risk Officers, Heads of Operational Risk, Financial Risk, Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk. Compliance Directors, Money Laundering Reporting Officers, General Counsels and Data Protection Officers.

Image Technology & Information Security


We have placed interim Chief Information Officers, Heads of IT, Chief Information Security Officers and Heads of Information Risk

Image Marketing & Digital


We have placed interim Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Product and Marketing, Chief Digital Officers and Heads of Customer Experience.