Why You Might Want To Talk To Us About Talent

Whilst we work with disruptive FinTech brands and RC is new into the market, we are born from 15 years of executive resourcing experience that recognised things needed to change.

Talent is the number one Focus for companies looking to compete in virtually all markets globally and whilst what this actually means has changed almost beyond recognition due to the pressures to Transform & Digitise our services, how we go about getting Talent has not.

That is why we set out to create a different way of resourcing. One that Cares about the contractual relationship we are creating between our Clients and the Candidates that we represent.

‘Care’ for us is a statement of intent and a series of things we do to ensure that we understand the wider context of the roles we are looking at and the needs and wants of the candidates we are considering.

We don’t just recruit to a role & a skill. We Care about the culture and value being created.

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RC is on a journey. Nothing less than providing the best Talent for our clients in Today’s market will be acceptable. We start from a strong base having built our capabilities in one of the toughest markets globally – the UK’s Retail Financial services & FinTech sectors – and have a clear purpose:

To provide Talent solutions that create competitive advantage.

Our statement that ‘Robert Cavendish Cares’ is the hallmark we will use to benchmark our delivery of this purpose and we will ask our Clients & Candidates to provide feedback in accordance to this.

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Today for Talent

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If you would like to find out more about how we can help give you access to better Talent opportunities, or would just like to know more, then do give us the opportunity to do so below!

Our Specialisms

Are you seeing a significant change in the ways we are all working? The focus on pace of delivery. Digital Transformation. Multi-Generational working & the need to constantly upskill and reskill is present in almost every marketplace and non-more so than in London.

Having access to the right Talent, has never been more important than Today, if you want to maintain competitive advantage.

That is why we do not focus on terms like Interim, Part or Full-Time. In our experience you need to get the right person for the role, who fits the team ethos, suits the company culture and can work in the way that is required to create the outcomes needed.

You don’t do this by taking a brief, scraping LinkedIN and tapping up a few previous placements.

You do it by caring about the wider aspects of the company and the role. By getting to know your candidates and by keeping in touch long after the role has been placed, ensuring that both the Candidate & Client are happy with the contract we helped create.


This could be for a temporary piece of work or as part of a portfolio approach. Interims tend to be more qualified that the ‘Head of’ Level and above we focus on. It is all about making a difference quickly


  • Planning
  • Control
  • Operational
  • Credit
  • Prudential
  • Conduct
  • Compliance
  • Digital
  • Communications
  • Talent
  • Shared Services
  • Change
  • Technology

Executive Search

With the focus on top down change we do a lot of work at ‘C’ suite and above. For us this is where the real focus on People Talent is going to be as pace and technology drive the need for different recruitment approaches

  • Deputy Chief Executive
  • Managing Director
  • Strategy Director
  • Director of Financial Control
  • Financial Planning Director
  • Enterprise Risk Director
  • Operational Risk Director
  • Credit Risk Director
  • Prudential Risk Director
  • Compliance Director
  • Digital Director
  • Communications Director
  • Director of Shared Services
  • Director of Talent
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of Change


Whilst the focus might be on ‘Agile’ and digital design, that actually places a greater emphasis on having the right sort of governance.

Customer Strategy

Built on the two drivers of Purpose led business and creating great Customer Experiences, more and more companies have come to us for support on this.

People Solutions

As organisation struggle to change, many have realised that whilst you can change the structure, to affect fundamental change you need to change people.


Catching a business in crisis and bringing it back from the edge requires a particular skill set. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction when one of our candidates can help in these situations.

Our Expertise

Because of our expertise in Caring about the Talent Contract we are creating, which is all about understanding the Client & Candidate needs and wants better than anyone else, we are confident we can deliver a better result, faster. Which in turn means you will see better outcomes sooner, creating an advantage over your competition.