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Why Robert Cavendish

I have been in recruitment for over 15 years. It has a ‘certain’ reputation. Some of it deserved. Some of it not. What I have been made aware of over the years after talking to a number of my network, was the lack of Care demonstrated throughout their relationship with the Headhunter particularly following a successful placement.

Their view was that once they were placed by a certain Headhunter, they failed to keep in touch or at least follow up at regular intervals to make sure they were content in their new role. They no longer ‘Cared’. This struck me as fundamentally wrong.

Wrong, because where this happens the Client (and Candidate) are not getting true Value. This is where I said I want us to be different! I want to create a culture that manages the expectations of candidates and clients the way I would want to be managed if I were in their position.  By Caring about the Values we create it enables us to build long lasting relationships.

But should you care as a client? Numerous studies (Type World Economic Forum – Future Of Jobs Report into google and have a read) have shown that access to the right Talent when you need it is the number one issue facing business today, irrespective of sector and irrespective of geography.

And this is WHY we would love to talk to you, because we Care about getting you the Right Talent – for Today.

We care about ensuring that you can respond to the different market demands and pace of change that today’s businesses are subjected to, by giving you access to the right Talent, whether on an interim, full, or consulting basis.

We exist to provide the right Talent, today. People who will fit in to your business culture and quickly deliver value. We Care about achieving a Client & Candidate contract based on value creation – not transactional resourcing based on fees and commission.

Robert Cavendish

Today for Talent

Today for talent

The Robert Cavendish Standard

The experience that we provide to both our Clients and Candidates is based on a philosophy that having access to the right Talent is, and will increasingly be, the thing that creates successful outcomes, irrespective of market and sector.

We provide access to that Today, because we take time to understand the needs and wants of both the Clients we work for and the Candidates we source and place.

If for any reason you do not believe we have delivered to this standard we will refund 15% of the placement fee.

We Practice Equal Opportunity

RC believes that everyone is different, not better or worse, but different and we Care about the imprint we leave on society and our environment.


In terms of who we look at as candidates & colleagues


In the process and ways of working we create to enable us to deal with everyone


In the decisions we make about the things we consume as we go about our work

As we grow and build on the RC Standard, we will always look to ensure that we are doing so in a responsible manner. Working to ensure Equality of opportunity to the most Diverse cross section of society. We know this is right and we Care about getting it Right.

Our Clients

Just some of the people we have worked with...